About Us

About Us

The Italian wine panorama is an immense treasure of vines that differ from region to region representing the uniqueness of the places they tell about. In each Winery you can breath the history and the culture of the Italian enology, well known and appreciated all around the world.
Since 2009, our mission is to promote and export to Asia the passion for our country’s treasures. Passion contained in each bottle we sell, along with families stories that need to be told and shared consistently.

In our portfolio we propose a journey through Italy, a selection that aims to tell the richness and complexity of Italian wines in a complete and detailed way, with a special eye on great value wines

Our wineries are a mirror of the main characteristics of Italian wine production: each region of Italy is represented from North to South, from the tiniest family-owned winery with peculiar monovarietal grapes, to the well known Docg and bigger properties. Most of them are internationally prized wineries that got recognitions from Robert Parker, James Sukling, Gambero Rosso etc…..

In equal parts we respect both the traditional methods and histories behind many producers, but also we like to pair with pioneering minds that add freshness to the market. We believe in the romance of the well-known, and the excitement of the new.

Our experience

With over 10 years of experience in the wine business we link the Italian offer and the Asian requests.

Our success can be credited to a dedicated and dynamic team with an inexhaustible passion for wine and Asian markets.

Each one of our team is specialized in a specific area and has a deep knowledge of wine and Asian culture. We are located strategically both in Asia and Italy, to ensure a close relationship with our producers and importers.

The synergy between great value wines, together with a constant presence on the market has allowed us to be one of the leading players in the export of Italian wine in Asia

Every wine poured has a story to tell, let us share it with you.


We support you to find the right wine for any specific area, channel and final client, meeting criteria in terms of appellation, price range, quality and awards.

Our WSET qualified team grants support with marketing, sales, logistics, staff-training and we take care of all the export procedures.

We attend every month promotional events in Asia, and we organize wine tastings and wine dinners, during which we are used to introduce and deepen the knowledge of Italian wines.

On request, we organize tours and visits to our wineries. It could be a great chance to learn more about our Italian wine culture, see how wine is produced and enjoy the amazing landscapes that this Country can offer.

Not only wine, Brandland is wine and more, offering typical Italian products like olive oil, vinegars, liquors and ready-to-drink beverages.